Aromatherapy Hydrotherm Massage

Following 6 months of intensive training Kate can now offer a new dimension to the nurturing art of massage. Warm, water-filled cushions, cradle your body, easing strain on muscles and assisting in spinal alignment. All the benefits of traditional massage but without the normal challenges - no turning over, no uncomfortable face-cradles. Without doubt this is a more effective, deeper massage and because the body is supported by the water, it is less painful. Kate will custom blend essential oils specifically for your needs on that day. Ideal for pregnant clients , post surgery, tender breasts, or clients who just feel uncomfortable lying on their abdomen. *If you have already had a consultation with Kate the treatment will be 60 mins in duration and £65 There is no extra cost involved with the Hydrotherm- it is something you may choose on the day of your treatment. I suppose you'd just call it a Value Added Service that makes Kate Hetherington stand apart from the rest.

75 minutes